Week of Reading (15 - 20 May 2017)

Hello Everyone,

It seems to have been a slow week of reading, so I unfortunately have done no reviews this past week, though I will be putting up a review on Genuine Jenn next week. 
Monthly Reading Goals: Still no progress, not sure when I'm going to get to this. Once I'm done with my review books, I should be able to get to this.
Last Word: For now, I've put down 'Nightshade' to get my review reading done. I'm currently reading 'Lost Dragon' by Abraham Williams and 'Last of the Third' by John Lindholm. I should be able to finish 'Last of the Third' sometime next week. I'm definitely enjoying the books I'm currently reading, but for some strange reason it's been a slow reading week, maybe it's just because it feels busy in the evenings when I get home from work. 
I have managed to get some nice reading in this weekend, which has helped a little bit with the speed. I'm also hoping that I'll get another book in the mail …

Week of Reading (8 - 13 May 2017)

Hello Everyone,

I had a week of reading good content. I only managed to get one review out.

Diamond Rain by Michael Gallagher:
Amazon: Amazon Review - Diamond Rain
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Diamond Rain
Genuine Jenn: Genuine Jenn Review - Diamond Rain

It's nice being able to review on Genuine Jenn again, I'll be doing another review there later this month. Somehow I managed to get this book read on time and have it up on the blog.
Monthly Reading Goals: Still haven't been able to make progress on this front. Depending on how my reading schedule goes, I'm hoping to get to this the end of this week.
Last Word: At the moment, I'm currently (still) reading 'Nightshade' by Andrea Cremer and have started reading 'Lost Dragon' by Abraham Williams, which is a book I'll be reviewing for Genuine Jenn. I also want to read another book for refreshing purposes, I'm hoping to get to that this week; and I still haven't started 'Searching for Sarah' b…

Week of Reading (1 - 6 May 2017)

Hello Everyone,

I had a sporadic week of reading, and would have liked to have read more than I did. I managed to get one review out.
Don't Make Plans by Ava Armstrong: Amazon: Amazon Review - Don't Make Plans Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Don't Make Plans
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Don't Make Plans

I haven't been able to read too much this weekend, since it's been a bit rushed.

Monthly Reading Goals:
I unfortunately haven't been able to make any progress on this yet, though I think I'll probably end up starting the Christian book first.

Last Word:
Even though reading for the weekend hasn't been that great, at the moment, I'm busy reading 'Nightshade' by Andrea Cremer, and have also started 'Diamond Rain' by Michael Gallagher, which is a review that I have to do for the Genuine Jenn blog. I'm hoping to finish this one by Thursday if possible.
I unfortunately haven't started 'Searching for Sarah' by Juli…

Review - Don't Make Plans by Ava Armstrong

My Copy of the Book
Year Published: 2017 Genre: Military; Romance; Contemporary
Blurb: Kent McCabe, a U.S. Marine, returns from Iraq a changed man and makes a valiant effort to put his life back together. However, navigating life without a home, a job, or friends becomes his toughest mission. As he continues to fight demons, he moves in with his grandfather – a World War II veteran – who lives in Maine. His grandfather’s old farmhouse is a familiar place. It’s where he spent many childhood summers. Upon arrival, Kent meets a neighbor, Paige Hathaway, and her young son. Paige is fighting a war of her own.  A love story, “Don’t Make Plans” is also a tale of resilience and hope. An introspective romance that involves facing fears and insecurities that live inside the human mind. 
About the Author: Ava describes herself as a Constitutional Conservative, and sleeps with a loaded Smith and Wesson revolver. She has one child, whom she loves, and her collection of firearms, which she loves slightly …

Moving Forward...

Hello Everyone,

I have been able to advance to the next stage of getting this book blog to where I'd like it to be. Now that I've gotten to a stage where I'd like this to be more than just a hobby, I've gotten the idea to open up a profile on Patreon.
This is going to be for those who would like to or are able to support this blog in any way financially, with whatever amount they can afford. But I've also got an option for those who can't support every month, but will only be able to support financially every now and again. In this way, everyone who likes reading this book blog is included in being able to contribute financially. I appreciate every single person that comes to view or read my blog. And if you're able to support/contribute financially in any way, just know that I REALLY appreciate it!
For those that read my last 'Week of Reading' blog post will know that I've been wanting to change my username across the social media platforms that I…

Bookish Ramblings # 1 - Purchasing Ebooks

Hello Everyone,
This idea has been going around my mind for awhile, and I haven't been sure what to do with it until now.
As you notice from this title, this is going to be a periodic series that I'm starting, though I'm not yet sure if I'm going to be doing this once a month, or once every two months. It'll depend on what's going on in my bookish schedule.
Anyways, the topic that I wanted to bring up today; was purchasing ebooks. I've recently changed my bank account so that I can do things like internet payments and (gasp!) Amazon ebook purchases.  Now, this new freedom can be dangerous. So far, I've managed to contain it (I've only purchased one ebook since I've upgraded my account); but the possibility and temptation is nonetheless there.
But - there is hope - I've made a [price] rule with myself: I will not spend anything over $5 on an ebook. And yes, I know that there is editing and formatting that goes into an ebook, and this amount transla…

Highlights of the Month - April 2017

Hello Everyone,
This has been quite a good month of reading. I managed to read seven books this month - and even though there were quite a few books whose settings I enjoyed; there is most certainly a winner that comes out this month, and that is...
'The Best Yes' by Lysa TerKeurst.
Yes, you read right; that is definitely my favourite book for the month, though I think if I had to choose a second, it would probably be 'The Beach Cafe' by Lucy Diamond. 
Monthly Reading Goals: Since I managed to have ticked of April's goals (finished one and started the other); here is MAY'S reading goals: Read either: Christian book OR A Classic
Last Word: And, since I'm going to be participating in Genuine Jenn from May again; I suspect that my reading schedule is going to fill up again, so I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to do both of the monthly reading goals for May like I was previously able to. But, who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised.  I'll also mention w…